Azilal rugs

The Azilal rugs are gaining more and more popularity, due to their vibrant and fun colors. The basic colors of the Azilal are similar to that of the Beni Ouarain rug as they use natural sheep wool to knot these rugs. What makes these Azilal rugs stand out is that the Amazigh women use amazingly colorful cotton to knot different symbols to the rugs.

The patterns and signs on the rugs might seem coincidently chosen for decorative reasons, but these symbols have actual meanings in the Amazigh language. Amazigh women weave these Berber symbols into the rugs that tells a lot about their lives, history, culture, traditions and beliefs. An Azilal rug can tell a life story!

The hand made rugs are named after the city Azilal where various Amazigh tribes used to meet and trade. Nowadays Azilal rugs are made in several Amazigh regions. 

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