Interview with the designer of the Onelineface posters, Soufiane Aissouni

Soufiane, as you know we have been following you for a while, but could you tell our readers about how you started as an interior designer?

I graduated from the international School College Lasalle of Marrakech. I started my professional career in Marrakech in one of the biggest event agencies, where I directed the ephemeral decoration sector of weddings and private parties.

With this experience, I then joined an interior design company, for which I developed the sector of interior architecture and participated in the creation of project of hotels, villas and private apartments.

I continue today my activity by collaborating with less designers and I also sign projects ranging from the creation of furniture to the complete restructuring of privateapartments and furniture. I do scenography too.

Through my line of lamps, I wish to develop the Moroccan craftsmanship. I only collaborate with local artisans. I want to transmit and grow.

Moroccan craftsmanship is an integral part of our culture, we must preserve it.

We love your creativity in the way you shoot your pictures and create your collections. Where do you get your inspiration from?

What inspires me is my town, Marrakech, where I’m based. Mostly the medina which is a box of inspiration and curiosity. Since I was young, I was always interested in the Moroccan culture, and mostly the art of the artisans. Working with them and also communicating and collaborating, it’s a whole inspiration, every day is a discovery. I had to watch and learn from them, how they actually take their time and have the things done, the way that it has to be fixed.

Through my collection, it’s a mix between the modern design and the artisanal, where the raffia reminds the colors of the earth and the light of Marrakech.

Interior design is all about beauty and function. How do ensure you combine these two characteristics in your collections?

I always say never do design for design. Design has always a function technically and aesthetically. Through my designs I’m mostly into the modern but with little reminders of Moroccan culture, could be a curtain in linen with a little detail of embroidery, could also be a material or texture into a modern contemporarily item.

Every production or every item I made for me is that each one of them has a story.

I like mostly the mix between the old and the new, but the bohemia chic atmosphere is one of my favorite, its very simple and pure, it makes your space come alive, and mostly charming and warm. And always giving a value to a product in the spaces, in the decoration or even while making photography.

What have been the biggest challenges in designing your Lamba and Onelineface collections?

The biggest challenges was to validate the first samples, it goes on and on with technical issues, could be too high, too short, the shape and all that. Until reaching the results wanted. Then goes to the prodution which is the biggest challenge, from supervising the work, checking the details, the finishing touch etc.. Artisanal work is authentic and beautiful but always need a constant supervision.

Could you tell us more about what you are working on at the moment?

For the collection I am working now on a new lamba edition & and also onelineface Concerning the projects, i’am having two important ones that’s very much challenging

And last but not least: what are your favourite go-to hotspots in Marrakech?

My favorite go-to hotspots to chill and be surrounded with friends is point-bar and entrepotes , otherwise i mostly organise dinners and aperos with people and friends at home to make new connections.

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