Our story

We are Moroccan-Dutch identical twin sisters with a passion for interior design. With Camels and co. we combine our roots and our passion to bring the beauty of Morocco, and the amazing handmade products it has to offer, to your homes.

We aim to connect both the Moroccan and Western culture and show how beautifully and easily these two cultures could blend, simply in everyone's home. In this way we hope we can contribute to the beauty and happiness in your daily life.
We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure good quality products for our customers and sustainable working conditions for the creative Moroccan men and women we work with.
All items are handmade and unique. Some interior goods are thoughtfully selected during our travels in Morocco and are available in limited editions.
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Hajar & Naouar

Our logo

We use our voice to tell the stories of our Moroccan Amazigh ancestors. For generations Amazigh artisans have kept their culture and language alive through handicraft. We aim to represent the Amazigh tribes in Morocco and to  pay a tribute to the Moroccan Amazigh artisans. Our logo (the square surrounded by dots) means "home" and "peace" and used to be painted on the gates of their homes to protect them from evil. To us this symbol represents the peace and beauty that we wish for you in your homes.